Member of The NJ State Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling

Maria Fontana, an experienced organic stylist, salon owner, educator, beauty and self improvement & Healing expert authors her book "Pretty Momma" & "We all got shit" (available at Amazon) In the books, Maria teaches secrets to getting what you truly want in the salon,in life, self care and learning safer organic alternatives in hair coloring and smoothing. Fontana, an experienced salon owner, Educator and Coach also features an online library full of educational content pertaining to all subjects in hair care, beauty and self development.  Maria says, “As a salon owner and educator for over 28 years, I understand the needs of my clients and consumers desiring to know more about organic beauty, organic hair care and taking great care of themselves.   Maria continues to offer private reservations for her loyal clientele and welcomes new clients as well. An experience like no other. Along with her top trafficked sites, Fontana is a guest expert for national web sites such as Tyra Bank’s new online beauty site, along with AOL’s Daily Finance & Money Site.   Maria is also a top educational content producer on Youtube featuring beauty and wellness information and Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, Life Coach.




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